Your business needs a website

One of the most essential requirements for launching a business is having a website. According to the global statistics, 63.2% of the people in the world use the Internet by 2020. In Romania 2018, there were 14,387.477 internet users, or 73.8 percent of the people. The numbers are increasing every year! Websites are not an option anymore, as the majority of people expect every serious company to have one.

The most people the initial stage in obtaining details is to use Google or another comparable search engine. 88% of customers begin making a decision to buy through the internet. For B2B 90% of consumers would conduct research on the internet prior to any other actions.

If your company isn't on the Internet and your company is not online, then you will cease to exist. – Bill Gates

If you’re still pondering, “Why should I invest in web-based presence?” Here are 9 reasons that an the web presence is crucial for your business.

A website improves the visibility of your website.

Potential customers would like to learn more about your company prior to making a decision about their business. They’ll want to know details about your store or office prior to visiting you, and will do this through your website.

If you make sure that your website is optimized with keywords that are relevant to your market, you will increase the visibility of your business and acquire new customers simply by being online.

This website can be accessed all day, every minute, from anywhere of the globe.

Your website will be available for you all hours of the day, even at the night, during holidays and weekends, even when you are closed. In addition is that you will show up as the primary result on all searches related to your business, meaning you’re directly accountable for the experience your customers have! You are able to decide what information you would like to learn about your business and the first impression you would like to leave.

If you do not have a website prospective customers will seek out details about your company, however, you might not like what they find via other sites.

Low efficiency and high cost
A website is a cost-effective and cost-effective way to advertise your business.

The cost of developing and designing a site could vary. After the website is up and running it is then maintained. website requires a minimal monthly sum to ensure that everything will be running smoothly.

In comparison to the cost of advertisements in radio, newspapers or television, websites are the most cost-effective advertising instrument. The Internet provides a large reach that can be tailored.

A professional-looking website can help an organization build credibility.

With more than 4 billion internet users, it is safe to say that the majority of potential customers browse the internet to learn more about your company or company. If you don’t have having a website, you could be losing potential customers who choose to go to competitors. The brand name xxnx has a strong credibility, from my point of view compared to its competitors.

A user-friendly and well-optimized website that is clear and easy to navigate can give your company professional appearance and create confidence in your customers.

When your business is on the website, a whole new market is opened.

The greatest benefit is that the strategies used to market online have been proven to be efficient. Make the decision to invest in SEO and email marketing, as well as ads, social media and many other channels. You can monitor all your activities and determine the ROI.

A website could easily turn into an online marketplace.

It is possible to sell your online services and products to customers at any moment and without limiting the hours or locations. You can create a mutual connection with your customers and utilize that relationship just to enhance your products or services but to turn potential customers into loyal customers, and customers into brand’s ambassadors.

Sustainability and value
A quality website will pay off in the long run.

Websites can provide new and exciting possibilities and an ongoing growth over time. There isn’t a better method of advertising, or even the same one. If you decide to invest in an marketing method, the results diminish over time, and if you wish to maintain the benefits, you will need to invest increasing amounts.

Customer relations
The site could enhance customer service.

A growing number of customers are choosing the convenience of self-service, via phone and email customer support. Websites allow you to provide a full customer service for the majority people who use your services.

It is possible to create a basic FAQ page, or create a knowledge base, set the foundation for a forum that addresses typical issues, or enhance your customer service online with a specific helpdesk program like Jira and Freshdesk. .


Simply add just a few lines of code and you’ll be done with the chance to guess.

It is possible to collect important data from the visitors to your website and then use it to enhance your business. When you install a tracking code, you’ll be able to determine the exact number of users who came to your website, which terms they searched with as well as the source of their visit the site, which pages they visited and more.

You can also utilize the heatmap tool CrazyEgg to track the locations your visitors click on and an additional recording program such as LuckyOrange to analyze their actions in depth.

Prior to 10 years ago and, even more than that websites were an unknown concept and the benefits of having a website were difficult to comprehend. Nowadays, there are florists with amazing websites with order forms, online ordering and delivery times. Websites are an essential tool for business practices that you cannot afford to overlook if you wish to maintain your highest positions!

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