16 benefits of websites created using the WordPress platform

The process of starting an online company isn’t easy. Moreover, since the initial investment is substantial You may be enticed to attempt creating your WordPress project instead of hiring an experienced web agency or team.

Even when your website is developed by a group of experts If you intend to manage it yourself once it’s up and running, you must be in charge of crucial decisions, including the CMS (CMS) system used.

Why? because the choice will have an impact on the website and loading speed as well as the design and functions, as well as your activities. From this angle experts suggest WordPress.

WordPress’s History
It was in the year 2001 that B2-Cafelog established as a blog platform created by French programmer Michel Valdrighi. It was built using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) as well as MySQL (a open-source relational software for managing databases). Two years after, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg assumed the development, as did two of the founders who created WordPress. WordPress platform.

WordPress 0.7 was launched on May 23, 2003. Over the next few years, it was updated to include the ability to select themes (templates) as well as persistent cache , and better widgets. In 2016, when WordPress 4.5 (Coleman) became launched, inline links, new formatting shortcuts, and flexible previews of customization features were added.
WordPress has seen a rise in popularity since its initial release and with good reason.

Who is using WordPress?
In the present, WordPress is used by 39.3 percent of all websites (December 2020) This is an market share that is greater than 60% among all CMS platforms.

Anyone who is a marketer or content developer with some knowledge knows that there’s a broad variety of choices for blogs and websites. There are numerous platforms to pick from that are both free and paid so the decision to pick the best platform is a tough one.

The past 15 years have witnessed an explosion of growth in the realm of web design and blogging This is a fact confirmed by these numbers:

– 400 million users visited 24 billion pages hosted on WP every month
– 70 million posts are added each month and more than 47 million comments are added each month
– WordPress blogs can be written in more than 120 languages which includes Spanish and Dutch
– Companies such as CNN, TED, UPS and CBS Radio use WordPress

Over time, the popularity of WordPress has surpassed the interest in Blogger, SharePoint and Drupal according to the data of Google Trends. Apart from blog posts, WordPress is ideal for developing an online social network and a fully functional intranet and presentation site for businesses that operate online.

With a variety of plugins, tools and customizable options, WordPress is by far the most effective platform to publish the web content of a company.
Let’s chat a bit about the benefits that WordPress can provide your company.

16 . Benefits and advantages of the WordPress platform

1. It’s simple and easy to utilize. The high quality standard has seen WordPress beat other platforms like Drupal as well as Joomla and have become the top option for web developers across the globe which has eliminated the need to improve technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP and even more complicated ones.

It is not necessary to be able to write code unless need to customize your site in a more complex manner. There is templates available for WordPress websites or consult an experienced developer if you require a custom and distinctive website design or are searching for specific characteristics. This lets you cut down on the time you’ll need to learn about web design, and also gives you the possibility of focusing your time to other areas of your business.

2. It’s reliable and innovative. Just like your smartphone, WordPress is up to up to date with the most recent technologies as well as the latest trends and requirements of its users. The function and the purpose of a website can alter over time, but WordPress is able to handle these changes. Regular updates ensure it is certain that the CMS platform is always current, and issues are solved and useful features are added regularly.

3. Attractive design options. WordPress offers thousands of custom templates, many of which are cost-free or with reasonable costs that let you create or alter your creation to suit your needs.

4. Flexibility. You can pick from over 22,000 plugins as well as thousands of templates to give your website new appearance or modify it to changing conditions or changes in the world of online. For instance to improve SEO (Search engine Optimization (SEO) We suggest using Yoast. Yoast plugin. SEO. If you require to remarket via Facebook, PixelYourSite may be the right plugin for you. If you’re using other CMS platforms the installation of these tools could be a bit difficult. With WordPress it comes with an array of plugins that cover many uses that you can select to install and set up within a matter of minutes. Check out the reviews and make sure that the plugin is frequently updated before installing and utilizing it on your website.
SEO in WordPress Simple and Fast

5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress can make SEO an easy task, facilitating how to use H1 tags H2, H2 and H3 by incorporating keywords into the URL for the website, as well as offering support for plugins like SEO Ultimate All-In-One SEO-Pack Platinum SEO Pack Yoast WordPress SEO and many more. If you’re spending the time creating your website for customers, you must ensure that it’s easily found by search engines, don’t you think?

6. Structure. One of the features that make WordPress fully optimized and SEO-friendly in its design is the structure. Websites with a clear structure load more quickly and those which load quickly draw visitors. In addition, WordPress lets you create XML maps, which tell Google bots how to locate the pages on your site and which ones are worth indexing. It can help you save the cost of SEO services.

7. The ease of managing content. The management of content has never been so easy and you can make things further by joining authors, publishers, and authors with the platform while limiting their rights. If you are able to edit Word documents, you can edit Word document, you’ll be able to modify and control the contents on the WordPress website.

8. The community. WordPress assists communities and websites built on a membership management system. It doesn’t require any special understanding of this software, or any other tool website developers utilize.
WordPress is functional, responsive and social media-friendly

9. The ability to share. Sharing content is now easier than ever before thanks to the massive WordPress community. There are social media widgets APIs, plugins, and plugins. You have everything else you need to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the WordPress site and to share content across various platforms.

10. Open source. Software that is open source is one which has source code that is accessible for modification or enhancement by anyone. Since it is an open source software, WordPress is being improved every day with the help of thousands of designers all over the globe. This has prompted other developers to add innovative options on the site. They have also created numerous new plugins that help make WordPress more accessible and loved in daily use.

If it’s something you want to include for your website There is a high possibility that you’ll discover a plugin to incorporate it into the WordPress directory. Developers also collaborate together with graphic designers to design appealing themes. Many themes are free or at a reasonable price. Because of the community’s strength and the innovative developers, websites built using the WordPress platform are just as unique as businesses. Whoever uses the platform.

11. Responsive. The Responsive CMS is the best option for a website that is aesthetically pleasing on any device , and gives your visitors an experience unlike any other regardless about tablets, smartphones or a desktop computer.

12. Functionality. Although the majority of HTML website building tools offer the basics, WordPress takes this concept to the next level by providing theme and plug-ins which allow you to personalize the site and enhance the user experience. If you begin a project with a site that is built on the WordPress platform, there’s unlimited possibilities for how you can use the plethora of themes and plugins. With the wide variety of contemporary and modern themes, nearly anybody can design a website to suit any kind of business, such as:

– Online stores
– Sites for presentation to businesses or for companies
– Professional blogging
– Sites for job listings
– Sites for Non-Governmental Organizations
– Small-scale business sites
– Online communities

WordPress is compatible with APIs and and is quick and scalable

13. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Social networks provide APIs which allow integration of third-party applications with websites of users. WordPress has hundreds of APIs that give users the ability to incorporate external resources on your website.

14. Scalability. To begin it is possible that you only require an internet site that functions and load quickly. The situation can alter as your company grows and grows. Web developers are able to confirm that WordPress lets you build an entire network of websites quickly and easily, thereby conserving time and money.

15. Support. The WordPress community is comprised of thousands of techs and volunteers who provide free assistance and advice on a variety of forums. All you need to do is type in the question , and the solution will be given in a quick time.

16. Efficiency and speed. As difficult as it may be in reality, WordPress allows you to build your website in a single day. Make sure that you have all the images and content ready.

Many experts believe that there are alternative software choices which offer similar or better choices. They do not give all these options simultaneously. The only platform that will come close to the same heights with the same flexibility, versatility and efficacy as WordPress.

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